Hydroponic Supplies Australia

Welcome to Hydroponic Generations, Western Australia’s home of hydroponic supplies. Our HY-GEN brand of products lead the field in promoting healthy plant growth and give exceptionally high quality yields.

The HY-GEN range of nutrients and additives help take hobbyists results to a whole new level! The most well know additive is Budlink, a silica-based nutritional supplement, providing a source of soluble silica, the missing link in Hydroponics! We also manufacture products for other important purposes such as pH testing and control as well as solutions for instrument calibration and care.

Our products are the result of decades of research and development by our owner and qualified chemist who ensures formulations are prepared to the highest standards.

Hydroponic Generations supplies commercial growers and distributors around Australia and overseas with hydroponic supplies, including nutrients, supplements, pest control solutions, pH management additives and much more. We are enjoying increasing international recognition as word of our quality products and excellence spreads.

Hydroponic Systems Hardware

Designing and building a successful hydroponics system is a complex affair. The design needs to reflect the exact purpose for which the system is to be used. Building on our years of using our own hydroponics systems to test and refine chemical preparations for hydroponic growing, we now offer a complete range of hydroponics hardware – all the equipment you need to construct a system for optimum performance. And all the support you need to ensure your system is always operating at peak performance.


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