• Growth Specific Formula
  • Improves Seedling Vigour
  • Improves Plant Health
  • Contains Natural Ingredients
  • Optimised Calcium Levels
  • Balanced Trace Element Ratios
  • Added Coco Conditioner
  • Single Bottle For Easy Use
  • Readily Soluble
  • Suitable For Soil




CORNUCOPIA COCOGROW is a single part, vegetative stage cocopeat specific nutrient. The chemistry is similar to our cocopeat specific two-part formulations. The nutrient levels are carefully formulated to ensure that ratios between all major and minor elements are optimised and readily soluble when mixed with water. Additional calcium and a natural kelp extract are added to condition the cocopeat while stimulating and maintaining a healthy root system.

Calcium is responsible for maintaining strong cell structure and vigour. During the late growth stage additional calcium ensures a high number of flowers are produced and retained by the plant. A lack of calcium can lead to a large number of flowers aborting before they can transition into the fruiting stage.

Nutrient requirements change as plants transition from growth to flowering. CORNUCOPIA COCOGROW accommodates this transition by supplying adequate levels of absorbable nutrients at the correct ratios. These essential nutrients include nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, trace elements and organic extracts are needed to ensure rapid stem and leaf growth.

CORNUCOPIA COCOGROW is formulated to meet the requirements throughout growth and is designed for use during the first stages of flowering. It should be used in conjunction with CORNUCOPIA COCOBLOOM for an optimal transition. It’s important to have a growth specific and flower specific nutrient to guarantee outstanding results. Use one single bottle for growth and one single bottle for bloom – Single is easy!

Use CORNUCOPIA COCOGROW during the growth stage and until buds and fruit have started to form. To ensure maximum performance, regularly test and flush your system to prevent nutrient and plant waste build up.

Sizes Available
1 ltr, 5ltr

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